Do you have upcoming birthdays, christenings or dreams of getting married on the island of Hven? We host small to large festivities dedicated to the biggest days of your life.

Spirit of Hven has over 20 years of experience of hosting weddings and festivities at the island of Hven. In our beautiful premises in scenic surroundings next to the ocean, we create memorable celebrations for you. We offer experiences with specially composed menus with well-selected drinks in combination with personal service and professional staff.

For many couples, it’s a dream to get married at Hven. The island’s fabulous nature och vistas has evoked the yearning of many couples who have been thinking about marriage during their visit here. For us, there are no limitations. We welcome large and small weddings and festivities all year round.

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Fairytale wedding at Hven

Watch the video from Ida and Viking’s fairytale wedding at Hven and Spirit of Hven.

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