Spirit of Hven Consultancy works consultatively with safety audits, customized chemical process technology, commissioning of new technology and project management. Assignments include everything from sub-processes to turnkey concept products. Spirit of Hven creates opportunities for beverage producers all over the world to quality-assure their process and their products, all with guaranteed confidentiality.

By ensuring the entire process, many goals can be achieved:

  • Better exchange, control of delivered raw material results in safer processes.
  • Safety for staff and customers, handling of potentially dangerous substances. (typically ATEX, ethyl carbamates, pesticides, furfurals, phenols, plasticides, etc.)
  • Get as good a product as possible with given financial frameworks. The right balance between acids, esters, aldehydes and alcohols gives a pleasant product.
  • Be able to deliver certificates of requested analyzes to potential customers as well as for the countries that require analysis certificates for approved import/export.

Spirit of Hven’s customer base is based in the beverage industry and the clients are all over the world