In our restaurant with its unique whiskey bar, we serve food prepared from selected scanian ingredients. Thanks to our excellent location in the most fertile part of the country, we can do so without compromising on quality.

Our passion is creating unforgettable drinks and dining experiences. With creativity, curiosity and finesse, we serve food based on what the season offers us. Our chefs prepare the food from scratch, with the best scanian ingredients they can find. Our restaurant is open all year round for culinary experiences of all kinds. 1-, 3- or 9-course menu, wedding or banquet dinner.

the whisky bar

A Mecca for whiskey lovers

The whiskey bar at Spirit of Hven is ranked as one of the best in Sweden. When you look at the range, there is no doubt why. At any given time, there are at least 500 types of whiskey picked up from our large stock that contains over 1000 different whiskeys. Most of the distilleries that have been active for the past half century are represented here. Everything from whiskeys from the early 30s to a young 3-year-old. Our whiskey bar is a Mecca for all whiskey lovers!