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Erik’s Akvavit


A tribute from Spirit of Hven to our Swedish king Erik of Pomerania. Erik was the king of the Nordic countries, ruler of three kingdoms, a man of great international importance. He also organized large festivities on flowed with food and drink. Erik as King of the Union was ambitious, brave and energetic just as a master distiller must be. So all distilleries also have their own kingdom with a king and queen to achieve success! So too at Spirit of Hven!


Spicy aroma with hints of dill, citrus, cumin and fennel.


Spicy taste with hints of dill, citrus, fennel and a prominent cumin taste. Cumin and fennel.


50 cl.

Alcohol content

40 %

Art. nr


Included in Hven Akvavit Collection

  • Erik’s Akvavit
  • Landskrona Akvavit
  • Knut’s Akvavit

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