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Möller’s Bitter


In Skåne, we are offered the best cultivation places, something as unique as sea wormwood grows. Spirit of Hven harvests the wormwood for Möller’s Bitter at Hven and in Ystad. Bitter is a brandy that has been enjoyed for many years. So now it was time to make a Besk for Spirit of Hven for what could be more Scanian? Möller’s Bitter is made in collaboration with Gästgivare Möller who already as a youth had a dream of their own Scanian bitter!

When the Bitter is to be manufactured, we let wormwood macerate in our spirits. We taste during the maceration and when we achieve wonderful balanced bitterness is ready to be enjoyed.


Spicy aroma with hints of wormwood and citrus


Spicy, bitter taste with a clear character of wormwood, hints of citrus


50 cl.

Alcohol content

33,3 %

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