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Landskrona Akvavit


Landskrona Akvavit is a modern, fresh and aromatic spirit with rich south-Scandinavian notes. This Aquavit is a unique beverage, made with true craftmanship from, as far as possible, locally grown plants. Macerated, distilled and matured, from crop to bottle with Spirit of Hven, the family-owned distillery situated on an island in the strait separating Denmark and Sweden. This akvavit is made as a homage, both to the old Scandinavian Schnapps traditions, as well as to the beautiful city in the wind that Hven since 1959 belongs to. The city of Landskrona.


the scent is fresh from elderflower and citrus. It has a mature aroma of caraway and forest meadow. The finish unfolds with a wonderful background of aniseed and fennel balanced by the spiciness from wormwood. Oak maturation ties together the light aromas with the heavy scents.


The taste is round yet distinct. Even without sugar added, the aquavit is perceived smooth and gentle because of the oak maturation. The acidity is clear but not too much. The bitterness is notable with a light warmth and dryness towards the end. Aftertaste is long, full and smooth.


50 cl.

Alcohol content

41,8 %

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The Drink Of Landskrona

Fill up with sparkling water or soda water until you find it tasty and to your personal preference. Served in a highball glass, garnish with lemon.