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Old Pheasant


Old Pheasant is a blended malt whisky. It is a blend of two house recipes of malt whisky. The first is a whisky made from unpeated malt, fermented at low temperature. It has matured for 12 years on charred American oak barrels. The second recipe in the blend is made from a mix of unpeated, chocolate and peated malt. This recipe has matured 10 years on new toasted casks made from French Allier oak. This is an elegant maltwhisky with soft hints of chocolate and coffee combined with a slight note of smoke and fresh fruit.

Nuanced, malty taste with barrel character, hints of straw, yellow pears, apricot, cedar, almond paste, butter caramel, orange peel, licorice and vanilla. Served at room temperature as avec.


70 cl.

Alcohol content

42 %

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