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Old Hare


The base is a whisky made from grain grown on Hven. From the soil to the table, brewed, distilled, and matured at Hven. We use wheat for a grain whisky that gives vanilla sweetness and a certain bitterness. We have rye for caramel and herbiness and we use corn for florality and elegant nuttiness. We use malt grains for our malt whiskey, which contributes to bready tones with hints of chocolate and fruitiness.

The whiskey is aged for 3-5 years in new oak barrels of both European and American oak. Then the different grain distillates are mixed with Hven’s malt whisky and the mixture is then given up to another 12 months, this time in oak barrels that previously contained sweet PX sherry and Spanish red wine.

The name “Old Hare” is a tribute to the German field hares that are found in countless quantities on Hven. These were planted on the island in the 1850s by Oscar I and Oscar II.

Since then, the hare hunts have been a tradition on Hven that gave a lot of history with visitors from near and far.


70 cl.

Alcohol content

40,4 %

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