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Organic Navy Strength Gin


Spirit of Hven Organic Navy Strength Gin is a unique distillate made from grain to bottle on the island of Hven in the strait of  resund. This wonderful type of gin carries hundreds of years of history. Reshaped and further evolved to comply with new and safe distillation technique to adapt to modern dinking culture and refined taste- and scent buds.After maceration the spirit is carefully redistilled in our specially designed still with lavender, chamomile and elderflowers in the botanical baskets. The ready crystal-clear distillate is then let to rest until oxygen and pH levels stabilize. The Gin is bottled at 57,1vol% (100proof) without carbon- or chill filtering in the unique signature bottles.


The scent is pure with clear notes of junipers and citrus, light aroma of vanilla is built up by a spicy liquorice note. The strong alcohol is balanced well by a scent of herbs and coriander.


The taste is powerful but at the same time very smooth. The liquorice notes balance the acidity and the sweetness from the oak maturation leaves the balancing point mid-tongue.


50 cl.

Alcohol content

57,1 %

Art. nr


Included in Hven Gin Collection

  • Stella Nova
  • Organic Navy Strength Gin
  • Organic Distilled Gin

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Blue Heaven

Pour Organic Navy Strength Gin into a highball glass with ice. Top up with lingonberry drink, stir and garnish with forest berries.


Forest berries


Highball glass